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Jason Whitlock Reminds Us He is Black (Again)

Highlights from yesterday's article:

Again, we're talking about The Perfect Storm of ghettofabulousness -- booze, babes, gambling, celebrities, a dunk contest and no such thing as last call.

It gets a lot funnier.
In the 1990s, Tyson fights were absolutely my favorite event to attend. There's a pageantry that goes along with boxing. People dress up. It was like going to a Playas Ball.

Jason, next time you hit up a Playas Ball, let me know.
It was a two-hour, seven-course, five-Grey Goose meal that was off the hook. You can order off the menu or simply tell your waiter to have Steve cook for you. We chose the latter.

"Props" for using "off the hook" in a newspaper "article". Jason leaves us letting us know how cool he is.
All in all, NBA All-Star Weekend did not enhance Vegas, and Vegas did not elevate NBA All-Star Weekend. Vegas is still Vegas. And All-Star Weekend is still a little too ghettofab.

I can't believe I read this entire article. Something tells me that Whitlock has a classic Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas story up his sleeve. Slow and Sweating in Las Vegas? I know you have some more to throw out.

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