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Priest Holmes to Play for the Chiefs in '07?

If you can find Priest Holmes, you win a prize! (Photo source here)

Possibly. Carl Peterson told the Austin American-Statesmen that they will make a decision on Priest Holmes' future in the next three months. Holmes has three years remaining on his contract, which I'm sure he would love to get every last bit of. This news about Holmes really pisses me off. I am growing tired of Priest Holmes' "I'm a recluse" routine. Cheer on your teammates or get the hell off the team. I don't believe Holmes gives two shits about any of his teammates and that he is in this game solely for the money. I know its a business and all but Holmes just doesn't care about anybody he plays with. If he did, he would have come to some of the games this past season. Instead, he hung around Texas and created some baby momma drama. Whether he plays or not, I've lost respect for Priest Holmes.  

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