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Where Are They Now? - Dave Krieg

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Dave Krieg was the Chiefs QB in '92 and '93, helping us win the 1993 division title. Sandwiched between Steve Deberg and Joe Montana, Dave Krieg can easily be forgotten unless you remembered he is in the top 15 of most passing categories in NFL history.

Unbeknownst to me, Dave Krieg has quite the following. There is even a Dave Krieg memories page on Dave Krieg Rules. Here's a sample:

One night during training camp a couple years ago, my friend David and a buddy of his went into a local bar. When David went up to the bar to order a drink, he noticed a guy wearing a flannel jacket, sitting by himself at the bar, nursing a drink. He recognized the lone drinker as former Seahawk Dave Krieg. David went over to Krieg and introduced himself and shook his hand. Now most people know that a guy sitting by himself having a drink at the bar probably wants to be alone, and Krieg may very well have wanted to be alone. But not only did he cheerfully shake David's hand but he told David and his friend to have a seat with him at the bar under the pretense of one of them buying the other a drink if I remember correctly. David tells how he and his friend sat with Krieg for a couple hours, talking football and all three of them getting pretty "lit". this story sounds like classic Dave Krieg to me.

Classic Dave Krieg? Okay lets move on. Today, it seems like Dave Krieg is doing what most retired NFL players who don't make it onto television do- use their celebrity status to get paid for motivational speaking events and public appearances. All this and more at From the info I've been able to gather today, it seems like Dave Krieg is a real stand up guy, just like the type of guy described in the above story.  The more I searched the interweb the more pages I find dedicated to just talking about the times people have met Dave Krieg and what a nice guy he is. There are rabid Dave Krieg Seattle fans out there. Google at your own risk.

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