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Throwing My Hat in the Ring for a WR

Sorry Samie. You probably dropped that pass anyway. (Photo source here)

Before the combine starts, before free agency begins, I decided I am going to suggest that the Kansas City Chiefs make signing the best available wide receiver their top priority. Whether this be through the draft or a free agent prospect, I believe that signing a #1 receiver will lessen the pressure on our running game and do wonders for our passing game. Sounds simple, right? Yeah it does. There is no stat on this next statement but how confident were you this past year when the Chiefs were in a definite passing situation? Any defense can call that one- find Tony Gonazalez and stick. Samie Parker can't catch worth a damn and Eddie Kennison, while he was great for us last year, is just not that reliable #1 one guy that great teams have. We need an emergency valve release for the offense when the running game isn't working and I believe that valve to be the best receiver we can possibly get for our money.

Now come the arguments for beefing up the defensive and offensive lines, checking out the available QBs, and even making arguments that we need to leverage Larry Johnson in some way for the most value we can get for him. All that aside, I believe a WR to be the most bang for the Chiefs buck at the moment.

I intentionally made it a point to note that this was a pre-combine, pre-free agency, pre-draft suggestion. Since its so early in the game, I don't want get stuck with one decision, when there are some many variables on the horizon. But feel free to criticize anyway.

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