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Another Made Up Holiday For Women

Wherever Dick Vermeil is, you can bet that this little blue pill is part of his Valentine's Day. (Photo source)
In the spirit of this somewhat made up holiday, I've decided to pair up some Chiefs players (active and former) with who their Valentines would be. Here goes...

Trent Green - His retirement account

Herm Edwards - Larry Johnson

Tamarick Vanover - His cell mate (Maybe Bam Morris)

Lawrence Tynes - Lin Elliot

Elvis Grbac - Himself or his high school teammate Desmond Howard

Louie Aguiar - Miss Missouri

Marty Schottenheimer - Any owner with a head coaching vacancy

Priest Holmes - Whatever baby momma's children he has custody of at the moment

Gunther Cunningham - He loves no one

Carl Peterson - Any taxpayer

Ryan Sims - His still fat contract

Jared Allen - The sweet, sweet taste of Natural Light

And if you've got any of your own, please drop them in the comment section.

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