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New York Giants Release LaVar Arrington

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The Giants released linebacker LaVar Arrington yesterday, ending the injury plagued former Penn Stater New York tenure.

The release of Arrington ended a brief and unsatisfying tenure with the Giants for the former Pro Bowler, who was signed last year for $49 million over seven years but suffered an Achilles injury against Dallas on Oct. 23 and played in only six games.

Lets just throw LaVar Arrington as a Chief out there for the moment. His biggest con is that obviously he is prone to injury. In his last three years, he has played in 23 games, posting 2 total sacks in that time and 64 tackles. In 2002-2003, Arrington had 17 sacks and 142 tackles. The potential for LaVar Arrington to succeed is there. The Chiefs aren't especially hurting at linebacker, but with the whispers of Kawika Mitchell being pursued by the Detroit Lions, Arrington may be worth a look come April.

Update [2007-2-13 10:15:0 by Chris]: Arrington may be thinking about retirement.

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