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Mock Draft Tracker Update #3

NFL Draft Forecast

The once dominant line in Kansas City took a hit last season and Kansas City is sitting in the right place to draft a lineman. I think the Chiefs were caught offguard when Willie Roaf retired and now they can try to train a suitable replacement. [Levi Brown]

NFL Draft Pro
It seems like the Kansas City Chiefs have had the same problem for the last few years, they don't have another receiving weapon outside of Tony Gonzalez. For their offense to be complete, they need a game-breaker at wide receiver. They already have a great running game and Gonzalez commanding the middle of the field, but a player like Sidney Rice or Dwayne Bowe adds a lot to this offense. In the end, Rice is the selection.

NFL Report
K.C. is still in need of a #1 WR. Kennison is aging and never really emerged in that role anyway. #2 WR Sammie Parker should be a #3. That said, and with K.C.'s offense turning too one-dimensional with L.J., HC Herm Edwards will have to ignore his desire for D and opt for Sidney Rice, a true game-breaker who will waste no time becoming the team's top target.

The Football Expert
The Chiefs need help at DT and WR, the choice comes down Tank Tyler, Dwayne Bowe, and Sidney Rice.  I think it is about time the Chiefs finally invest in a wide receiver and I like Rice better than Bowe, primarily because of Rice's speed.

Walters Football
Levi Brown, OT, Penn State

Hmmm... I wonder what the Chiefs are going to do in this spot. Both of their offensive tackles retired prior to the 2006 season, so they can't be addressing that position, can they? Why don't you ask Herm Edwards what he thinks? "Can't block. Can't block. Can't block."

Pro Football Talk
Kansas City Chiefs:  Patrick Willis, linebacker, Mississippi.
First Round Choice
17 Sidney Rice (8) Dwayne Bowe (6) Ted Ginn Jr. (1) Robert Meachem (1) Dwayne Jarrett (1)
6 Levi Brown (4) Tony Ugoh (2)
1 Leon Hall (1)
1 Patrick Willis (1)

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