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If You Were Herm, Would You Watch the Super Bowl?

Eddie Murphy plays how many characters in his next movie? (Photo source here)

I've been seeing a few things on and off over the last couple of weeks about how Herm Edwards doesn't watch the Super Bowl. Apparently, he has a long standing vow against watching the Super Bowl, unless of course he is in it. And that more than likely, Herm will be catching a movie somewhere on Sunday afternoon.

Since Herm is in his first year with the Chiefs and we'll obviously be critiquing him throughout the off season and beyond, what do you think about Herm not watching the ultimate game of the year? I think its more about Herm's internal struggle to win and compete at a high level more than him simply not wanting to watch a game he's disappointed he's not in. I think Herm uses this not watching the Super Bowl tradition as a little bit of motivation. Not much but hey, you get motivation from whatever source you can.

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