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Acting Like a Chiefs Fan

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Man, I hate local sports talk radio. I didn't have the Sirius this morning so I tuned into a local station. The host was hell-bent on making sure everyone else knew just how bad the Chiefs were. I'm not blindly loyal to the bad decisions that the Chiefs' brass have made over the years. There have been plenty of them. But I'm not going to lump together the players, the coaches and the franchise and say it's all crap. Because it isn't. There are cynics and optimists. It's a lot more fun to be an optimist.

So, in response to all of the cynical naysayers out there who want to spit out reasons not to watch this team, I give you five reasons to watch the Chiefs on Sunday. GO CHIEFS!

1. Brodie Croyle expects to play this Sunday and that right there should be enough of a reason to watch the game. Croyle will be passing against a top ten pass defense and two great corners in Champ Bailey and Dre Bly. Every game B. Dazzle plays is another chance to evaluate, to constructively criticize and to hope.

2. In recent years, the Chiefs/Broncos rivalry has been the rivalry in the AFC West. Running down the list of the greatest Chiefs/Broncos games, who can forget Joe Montana one upping John Elway when the Chiefs came back on the Broncos in 1994? Dante Hall making the greatest return of his career in 2003, running backwards and dodging Denver defenders left and right? Jake Plummer's left-handed pass? No matter what's happened throughout a season, the Chiefs and Broncos are always poised to play exciting football.

3. Kolby Smith's skills should be on full display come Sunday. The Broncos are second to last in the league in rush defense, giving up nearly 150 yards a game. Smith has 252 yards rushing in his first two games and I fully expect him to go over 100 yards rushing on Sunday.

4. Our defense is a lot of fun to watch, even if the offense can't get it together. I'll be watching for another Jared Allen sack, another Jarrad Page interception and another red zone stop.

5. Finally, because you're a fan and you want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror guilt-free when the season is over. Fans do not desert their team. Fans do not call for boycotts of the game. Being a fan isn't a part-time affiliation. If you can't constructively criticize, if you won't watch the games, if you don't get excited about each and every Sunday, you're not a fan. And you don't deserve the Chiefs.