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Morning Update (Beat the Hell Out of You Edition)

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  • Will the 2007 Chiefs go down as the worst offense in franchise history? That's the question I try to answer at Warpaint Illustrated.

  • C.E. Wendler brings up an excellent point that is often lost amid the talk of our great defense -- We still don't have an effective defensive tackle.

  • Mocking the Draft has a list of the college football underclassmen who have filed papers seeking advice from the NFL Advisory Committee on where they may be drafted. You know what? It's entirely possible that the Patriots, with the first round pick they'll recieve from the 49ers, will have the chance to draft Darren McFadden.

  • Uno Ocho? Come to think of it, Samie Parker does remind me of Freddie Mitchell.

  • Looks like backup center Rudy Niswanger is going to be put on injured reserve because of the knee injury he suffered last week. Thought to be the successor to Casey Wiegmann, the loss of Niswanger for the rest of '07 is a big blow to the future o-line.

  • I still hate this idea but Peter King agrees with a MMQB reader that the Chiefs should trade a 5th round pick for Chad Pennington. On second thought, how much worse than Huard can Pennington be?

  • "We're gonna beat the hell out of You...You...You" is no. 4 in ESPN's best NFL touchdown celebrations.
I hope you enjoy that "Worst Offense" article I did for WPI. The numbers don't really lie. The '07 Chiefs will go down as one of the most inefficient, lowest scoring and least effective running teams in franchise history.

I know the Chad Pennington to the Chiefs talk makes sense, to a certain degree. But I just can't stomach the idea of cheering for Chad Pennington. It just feels wrong. Pennington was a hell of a college player at Marshall and is in the top five in all time touchdown passes in NCAA history. Of course, it helps when you're throwing to a guy named Randy Moss in college.

I couldn't welcome Chad Pennington to the Chiefs as a starter. But I can welcome him as a backup to Brodie Croyle. Pennington is known specifically for his football smarts and Croyle could benefit from that I suppose. I don't see the Chiefs getting rid of Damon Huard though, considering the relatively large contract he signed back in February.

Your thoughts on Pennington, as a temporary starter or a backup on the Chiefs?