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The Chiefs and the National Power Rankings: Week 14

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ESPN #27 Last week #24

The Chiefs have been shut out in the fourth quarter in their last four games, which helps explain why they're all but out of the playoff hunt. "I'm tired of it and don't want to play this style of football," TE Tony Gonzalez told the KC Star.
CBS #22 Last week #22
They just don't do enough with their passing game to be a real playoff threat. They have to improve that next season.
Fox Sports #23 Last week #24
Injuries continue to riddle the Chiefs, as quarterback Damon Huard, linebacker Donnie Edwards and left tackle Damion McIntosh all left Sunday's game with health issues. The Chiefs lost their fifth home game for the first time since 1980. The playoffs — once a possibility in November — now seem to be but a distant dream.
I didn't expect much more than this from the national media. We're not getting screwed in these rankings. I feel like there are probably about ten worse teams than the Chiefs right now.

The Broncos are ranked 20th, 18th and 17th respectfully. The Chargers rank 9th, 8th and 10th. And the Raiders, everyone's favorite bottom feeders, rank 26th, 27th and 24th. Unfortunately, the Raiders top the Chiefs in ESPN's rankings.