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Morning Update (Business Edition)

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  • I love refs who make calls like this.

  • Damion McIntosh is likely to play this week but Rudy Niswanger is not. Donnie Edwards is uncertain at this point with a strained hamstring.

  • Could I interest anyone in Bobby Sippio?

  • Phil's right. There are a lot more questions than answers after last week's loss.

  • If you didn't see last night's MNF game, you missed a hell of a game.

  • Hope in Minnesota comes in the form of Adrian Peterson.

  • I think the Star is trying to make a point when they post "voices" like these.

  • Don't forget it's Bronco week. Check out Mile High Report for all things Broncos.

  • Check out this quick read about "Shop with a Jock", a event where Tony Gonzalez and Donnie Edwards shopped with fifty foster children. Class of the team right there...
Lots of good diaries up and promoted. Jump in and I'll be back in a bit.