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Bronco RB Travis Henry Wins Appeal

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Say man, can you pass the legal technicality?

Henry, who had been suspended for four games in September 2005 for violating the league's substance abuse policy while in Tennessee, was weeks away from cycling out of the drug program when a random test came back positive earlier in the season.

Henry sued the NFL to keep from being suspended for a year. He contended the league violated its substance abuse policy by not allowing his expert to be present for the testing of his urine sample.

Travis Henry famously claimed earlier in the season that his second positive test was the result of second-hand marijuana smoke and not from direct use. Also, Henry is so hungry all the time because he has a high metabolism.

The Chiefs will face a combination of Travis Henry and Selvin Young this weekend in Denver. Young rushed for 109 yards and a touchdown in his first meeting this season with the Chiefs.

Bronco fans aren't as excited about the decision as you'd think they'd be.