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Morning Update (Officially the Off Season Edition)

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  • Arrowhead Addict starts a healthy debate about Larry Johnson's value to the Chiefs.

  • We couldn't have gotten Dwayne Bowe five more yards? Bowe ends a great rookie season with 995 yards receiving.

  • Tony Gonzalez ends his season with the most touchdown receptions by a tight end and the all-time reception record by a tight end. Congrats to TG. Would he trade it all for a Super Bowl ring?

  • KC Chiefs Fanatic breaks down yesterday's game and caps off the 2007 season.

  • The Titans snagged the final AFC playoff spot with their win over the Colts last night.

  • If you thought any other outcome than this one was going to happen, you were a bit crazy - Peterson says he and Edwards will return.
A few stats from yesterday's game:

Croyle 20/43, 195 yards, 1 TD
Battleship 13 rushes, 44 yards
Allen 2 sacks
219 total yards by the team

So that's it, huh?

In a strange way, I'm a bit relieved to not have to watch the Chiefs on Sunday. Of course, I watch every game and love every second of it. But as this year wore on, the Chiefs looked like they needed to be put out of their misery and the Jets did just that in overtime yesterday.

Ten points in our final game. The Chiefs scored their fewest points in a full season in thirty years. At least you can say the Chiefs were consistent.

Little did I know that as Arrowhead Pride entered its second full season of coverage that we would now be presiding over the corpse of the worst Chiefs season since Carl Peterson took over the team. Much more to come later but for now...

2007 Kansas City Chiefs RIP

Now turn your excitement towards finding out whether we pick 4th or 5th in the 2008 draft.