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Morning Update (Go Brodie Go Edition)

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  • Mr. Wendler touches upon Larry Johnson and the "Curse of 400" carries at WPI. Also, some nerd with a computer wrote an article about Brodie Croyle's injury history over there too.

  • Arrowhead Addict wonders if the Chiefs next general manager could come from within the organization.

  • Chris at KC Chiefs Fanatic gives us his rankings of the top college prospects at each offensive position.

  • Click here to see which NFL games you'll be getting in your area this weekend.

  • Good news. It appears that Brodie Croyle will start this weekend against the Jets, after injuring his hand last week against the Lions.

  • Remembering Priest Holmes, because nobody outside of Chiefs fans will.

  • Eddie Kennison is out this weekend with a rib injury. Donnie Edwards didn't practice yesterday with a sore hamstring. And Nap Harris and Damion McIntosh were both limited yesterday in practice. They will more than likely play this weekend.
We may be quietly saying goodbye to Eddie Kennison after this weekend's game. Kennison probably has another year in him but after a 2007 season where he was continually hampered by injuries, I could see him hanging it up after '07.

Kennison is in his 12th year in the league. He's played for the Rams, Bears, Broncos, Saints and Chiefs. Never a true no.1 receiver, Kennison played out his role fantastically for the Chiefs. In his five full seasons with the Chiefs, he went over 1,000 yards receiving twice while closing in on 1,000 yards in the other seasons. The quality isn't great on this video but check it out anyway. It's the clip of the Trent Green to Eddie Kennison bomb in OT against the Packers in 2003. Gotta love it.