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Morning Update (Smile Edition)

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  • Arrowhead Addict asks: Would you cut Patrick Surtain or Ty Law first?

  • Rob ranks the top ten current Chargers over at Bolt Hype. Shawne Merriman comes in at no. 2 for Rob.

  • The guys over at the Chiefs MVN are looking at free agent offensive linemen.

  • I love this quote about the Oakland Raiders' season -- "This season fell in a forest and nobody heard it fall."

  • It turns out that Detroit Lions RB Kevin Jones, who left last week's game against the Chiefs with a knee injury, has torn his ACL.

  • Brad Smith of the Jets, formerly of the Missouri Tigers, is making a run at Tony Romo for the league lead in smiles.

  • Raider RB Justin Fargas, who gashed the Chiefs for 139 yards in Week 12, has been placed on IR after spraining his knee two weeks ago.
Count it down. Only four days left in the Kansas City Chiefs 2007 season. This season has definitely flown by, much more so than last year.

We'll only get bigger and better as 2008 approaches and NFL football is a reality again. This blog made its name during the off season, when, somehow, I managed to post something everyday.

I'll be here in the off season, everyday (except for Saturdays usually) putting up something to read. I just wanted to say its been fun wallowing in the muck that is the 2007 Chiefs season with everyone.

We can get worked up, angry, disappointed or frustrated with the Chiefs but at the end of the day, the Chiefs are entertainment and this is a game. So, smile and relish the fact that we have a great team to cheer for in a great city. 2007 was down but the Chiefs will inevitably be up again soon. SMILE!