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The Kansas City Chiefs: Blog Year Season in Review

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What's that you say? The season isn't over yet? We still have one more game?

Yes, I know the season isn't over just yet. But as soon as Monday hits, we'll be in full off season/draft mode. Plus, I'd venture to bet you're really bored this Thursday afternoon. There are probably a good number of people missing from your office and the holiday is still fresh in your mind. You're wondering, "Why in the hell didn't I take off the rest of the week?"

I'm wondering that too. For now, enjoy this large collection of links, taking you back to various interesting posts made at AP. This should help you kill the afternoon. Let us know your favorites.

  • I reminisced before the season began.

  • Found some good pictures of Tank Tyler, the Chiefs resident locker room rapper.

  • Know Thy Enemy made its debut.

  • We lost to the Texans and everyone proclaimed the season over.

  • The Rams narrowly avoided a blackout for their season-opener.

  • Casey Printers got paid. In Canadian money.

  • Tony Gonzalez suffered the scare of his life, twice.

  • The kicker carousel began with the signing of Dave Rayner and the cutting of Justin Medlock.

  • The Sippio craze started early.

  • We started off the season pretty low in national power rankings.

  • Larry Johnson came out with a rap. Supposedly.

  • Even prisoners were pissed about the Chiefs losing to the Bears.

  • Way back in September, Tony Gonzalez was already saying that the offense wasn't working.

  • Tony Gonzalez was challenged to a wrestling match.

  • You gotta love it when a lawyer uses a Chiefs game offer to get a pimp to plead guilty.

  • We saw early in the Minnesota game that Dwayne Bowe was going to Make Plays.

  • KC Wolf played defense.

  • The Brodie Croyle Pick 'Em Contest was a resounding success. (Note: I still owe you skpicky)

  • Dwayne Bowe won Rookie of the Week.

  • The Chiefs beat the Chargers and San Diego fans panicked.

  • Jaguar fans were really pumped up about their team in 1997.

  • If you have a new fitness product, why not have Kris Wilson endorse it?

  • Trent Green got popped while trying to throw a low block.

  • Damon Huard really is boring.

  • The Chiefs traded Michael Bennett to the Bucs.

  • Priest Holmes finally started practicing.

  • AP's single biggest traffic day was driven by a woman licking paint off of Chiefs fans. Go figure.

  • The Chiefs offense didn't fare too well in our bye week grades.

  • Way back on Oct. 30th people were already discussing Chad Pennington coming to the Chiefs.

  • The Chiefs lost to Green Bay and began their slide.

  • Larry Johnson went down and for some crazy reason the Chiefs kept him off injured reserve until the last week of the season.

  • Brodie Croyle took over for an injured Damon Huard and AP readers searched for a nickname.

  • Chlamydia hampered the Rams season.

  • Priest Holmes reinjured his neck and promptly retired.

  • The Chiefs played their worst game of the season against the Denver Broncos.

  • We should be looking at a pretty high draft pick.

  • Jared Allen and Tony Gonzalez were the two Chiefs selected to the Pro Bowl.