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Morning Update (Post Christmas Let Down Edition)

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  • In case you missed it, Damon Huard replaced Brodie Croyle in the second quarter of last week's game. Croyle left the game with a hand injury. An interesting quote by Huard after the game: "We’re not battling for a playoff spot, so we’re all battling for the name on the back of the jersey. That’s your reputation, your legacy."

  • Man, the KC Star is harsh. They posted Kendrell Bell's career stats, this article titled "The end is near for Chiefs Bell" and then listed Bell with other defensive players who will be gone/are gone since Gunther came on board. Damn, Kendrell Bell sucked though.

  • Boos or cheers when Herm Edwards returns to New York next week?

  • No! It isn't true! Larry Johnson is out for the rest of the season! To Herm Edwards, Mr. Develop Younger Players By Competition, why did an injured Larry Johnson continue to occupy a roster spot, especially since the Chiefs were eliminated from the playoffs?

  • One big reason to watch the Chiefs/Jets this weekend is that Jared Allen is only one sack behind the NFL's sack leader, Patrick Kearney of Seattle. The top three are Kearney (14.5), Mario Williams of the Houston Texans (14) and Jared Allen, who has 13.5 sacks.

  • We've been between Jets bloggers as of late but currently Mack at NY Landing Strip is doing a bang-up job for us. Check them out all week for all things New York Jets.

  • We could be looking at the #4 overall pick, depending on what happens this weekend.

  • Check out this video of the B-2 flyover and Arrowhead and you'll be pumped up for the day.
Welcome back AP readers. If you're reading this right after I've posted it, shame on you for not calling into work sick or taking today off. This is the holiday season and inside a cubicle or office is surely no way to spend it. Life is much, much too short. Of course though, blogging and commenting at AP is a pursuit worthy of the greatest minds history has ever known. That is why you are here. To read, write and comment for the betterment of all AP readers. You know what they say. AP readers are the smartest Chiefs fans around. Or something like that.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas, or however you spent it. I was lucky enough to receive a SlingBox, which means that soon I will be watching television from my laptop.

Sheesh...quite the off-topic, early morning ramble. I apologize. Did you catch the game on Sunday? Damon Huard played a hell of a game and proved that for some magical reason he can play well in relief. Its almost as if the guy needs a sense of anxiety or urgency about his job to perform well. He still collapses like a deck of cards under any sort of pressure. Despite that, he was 24/36 for 305 yards and two touchdowns. Damon Huard definitely has a zone and last Sunday he was in it.

I feel quite lucky this year that we're able to stay excited about our no. 1 draft pick, D-Bowe. Imagine the season without him. Don't want to? Me neither. His touchdown catch in the back of the end zone got me to jump out of my seat and yell out, "Booooooowe!" Just amazing.

I've noticed Jon McGraw more and more this year, on special teams and last week playing safety. As I've always said about him, he's a "Herm guy" and I've really come around to thinking he's pretty good. Scrappy would be the word for him.

Like you I'm sure, I've got a thousand e-mails to go through so I'll be back soon. Feel free to discuss whatever in this thread.