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A Couple of Roster Moves

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Just a couple notes for you on this snowy evening in Kansas City.

LB Mickey Pimental, who was signed to the practice squad two weeks ago, has been promoted to the active roster. The Chiefs also signed tackle Travis Leffew, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons practice squad.

The Chiefs placed Tyron Brackenridge and Larry Johnson on injured reserve, which freed up the necessary two spots.

One final push on Sunday. The young guys better make the most of it.

Update Weds. PM: The Chiefs also added QB Jeff Otis to the practice squad. For you local readers, Otis went to Christian Brothers high school in St. Louis, MO, and played college football at Columbia in New York. Like I've said before, the practice squads spots more than often go to local guys who can afford to stay close to the practice facility. Former practice squad wide receiver Brent Little of Poplar Bluff, MO, is another example.