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You Will Be Able to Watch the Patriots Play the Giants On Saturday

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Instead of just on the NFL Network.

In an unprecedented television touchdown, the NFL announced today that Saturday night’s Patriots [team stats]-Giants game will be telecast on three networks clearing the airwaves for a coast-to-coast opportunity for fans to see if history can be made.

The NFL Network will beam the game at the Meadowlands simultaneously to CBS and NBC beginning at 8 p.m.

Prior to that decision, the game was only going to be available on the NFL channel and Channel 5 locally.

Now that the Chiefs game has been flexed out of the Sunday night game, I'll still have a night game to watch with the Patriots more than likely completing the first undefeated 16-game regular season on Saturday night. Yes, I am excited for them. No, I will not be actively rooting for them. But I do hate those '72 Dolphins. Any time cocky, loudmouth jocks get their due, I'm all for it.