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Open Gameday Thread - Kansas City Chiefs (4-10) v. Detroit Lions (6-8)

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When: Noon, Central time

Where: Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

The Lions on SB Nation: Pride of Detroit

Weather: Dome. Need I say more?

Here are the inactives for the Chiefs: RB Larry Johnson, FB Gilbert Harris, CB Tyron Brackenridge, DE Khreem Smith, T Adrian Jones, TE Michael Allan, WR Eddie Kennison, DT James Reed.

And the Lions' inactives: Inactives: QB Dan Orlovsky (3rd QB), WR Troy Walters, RB Tatum Bell, DB Patrick Body, LB Buster Davis, G Edwin Mulitalo, OT Barry Stokes, DE Kalimba Edwards.

Let's dive right in. The Chiefs defense gets its act back together this week and helps the Chiefs win 20 to 17. Leave your prediction in the comment section. I'll be here for the whole game.