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Friday Morning Update (Floor Seats Edition)

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How excited are you for this Lions/Chiefs game this weekend? Not so much?

I'll again be watching Brodie Croyle with interest and curiosity. Same with Kolby Smith. Unfortunately, it appears that two young guys, Jarrad Page and Tyron Brackenridge, may not play this weekend. Page is dealing with a hamstring injury and Brackenridge has been out for a couple of weeks with a knee problem.

As soon as the season is over, I'll start the barrage of season lists like the one Jon at MVN did. I don't think there will much controversy with this year's lists. The Chiefs problems and strengths are quite obvious.

Don't forget about the live blog this weekend. I'm sure a lot of people are traveling or busy otherwise but if you need a break, stop on by here. This week's Know Thy Enemy is on its way.