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Know Thy Enemy: Detroit Lions

At least the Lions feel our pain. Big thanks to Sean from Pride of Detroit for taking the time to answer a few questions.

The Lions are on a six game losing streak. The Chiefs are on a seven game losing streak. What went wrong for the Lions after blowing out Denver in Week 9?

PD: The entire season started to unravel when the Lions headed to Arizona to play in what was being called by some a "trap game" the week after the Denver win. The game started off great for Detroit, but before you knew it, the Cardinals just started dominating the Lions. Arizona won pretty convincely, and although this game was a cause for concern at the time, many decided to brush it off, saying the Lions had their chance to prove they were for real against the Giants and Packers soon after. That was true - that Detroit could prove they were real - but yet again came up short in both games. As it turns out, they haven't won since the Denver game, meaning they failed every test that would have proved they were for real. In hindsight, this team was a fraud all along, and it unfortunately took a meltdown of epic proportions to show us that.

What up and coming Lions player should we keep an eye out for this weekend?

PD: I would have to say Calvin Johnson. This isn't necessarily an obvious choice, but it probably will seem like that since he was the #2 overall pick in this year's draft. Although he has struggled more than he has been great (back injury really slowed him down until just a few weeks ago), you can bet the Lions will be trying to get him the ball quite a bit since it's the Lions' final home game. This is the last chance to show the fans that this isn't just another wasted draft pick. Plus, with Roy Williams out for the year, C.J. should step in as the #1 WR.

What are your impressions of the Kansas City Chiefs this season?

PD: I haven't had a chance to watch the Chiefs at all this season, but I see them as being stuck in a rebuilding year. I think better things are in the future for KC once the QB situation gets ironed out and Larry Johnson gets healthy again, so 2008 should be much more fun for you guys. Just think about this: What you are going through this year with the losing streak and disappointing season is what Lions fans go through every year, so don't be down too much. After all, your team is just one year removed from the playoffs.

What Lions should have made the Pro Bowl, if any?

PD: None. No one on the Lions deserves to get a trip to Hawaii. If you would've asked me this question after they started 6-2, I obviously would feel different about this subject, but no one deserves to be recognized as one of the league's best when they are on a team that has been so bad in the most important time of the season.

In one word, describe the Lion's fanbase right now.

PD: Pissed. (Because Fire Matt Millen can't really be made into one word)