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These Chips Are Making Me Thirsty!

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Every Chiefs fan is feeling down now. The season has been a disaster and most have already mentally bypassed the final two games and are looking to next year (or 2009).

Fear not! I have created this thread to discuss your favorite potato chips, or any other game day snacks you enjoy.

The idea came to me as I thought...well, nevermind. You don't really care about that. Ladies and gentleman, I give to you the greatest snack chip known to mankind:

Jalapeno Krunchers. Thick. Crunchy. Perfect flavoring. Just enough heat to make you sweat but not enough to burn out your taste buds and miss all of the delicious jalapeño flavoring.

My college roommate and I actually tried to con Jay's Foods into sending us free bags of Jalapeno Krunchers. It didn't work. They saw right through our shady "school project" scam.

So AP readers, take your anti/pro Herm energy and put it into debating the greatest snack chips. Hopefully this brief respite from football will leave you feeling more energized while visiting the site, which is about to get a lot cooler. I just saw some previews of SBN 2.0 and my oh my is it going to be cool.