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The Kansas City Chiefs Lose to the San Diego Chargers in Typical Fashion

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Chiefs lose their fifth home game of the season to the San Diego Chargers, 24 to 10. The Chiefs only managed ten points. Tony Gonzalez's 140 yard performance was overshadowed by four KC turnovers. The best you can say about this game was that we did not have our normal starting quarterback or normal starting running back in the game. The Chiefs starting left tackle, Damion McIntosh, went down in the fourth quarter with a knee injury, prompting backup Will Svitek to step in and get run over.

All in all, a pathetic performance by Kansas City. At best, I think we're looking at six wins this year.

My defensive player and offensive player of the game would be Jared Allen. Two sacks on defense and a diving catch in the end zone for Kansas City's only touchdown provided the few highlights of the game.