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Morning Update (Empty Arrowhead Edition)

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  • Tony Gonzalez, on if the Chiefs wanted to trade him -- "Whatever they decide to do, I would think it’s in the best interests of the team, and at this point, that’s fine. After losing seven games in a row, I feel like, ‘Do whatever you’ve got to do, and I’ll get over it.’"

  • The Star and the Chiefs, still going at it.

  • I read on a message board that Jack Harry said that the real attendance of Sunday's game was around 43,000. KC Chiefs Fanatic has more on the lack of support the Chiefs are getting at Arrowhead Stadium.

  • For those talking about Jake Long around here, check out this scouting report.

  • Lions fans may be just as bitter as Chiefs fans this year.

  • I read this article about our home record and was reminded that the Chiefs haven't scored in the fourth quarter in six straight games.
I almost get the feeling that Tony Gonzalez wants to be traded right now. He tried to play it off as a sacrificial act if he left the Chiefs but it didn't come off as too sincere. If thats what Tony Gonzalez wants, I say do it for him. The Chiefs owe that to him, at the very least. He's been the epitome of talent and class at the NFL level since he came into the league.

On the topic of low stadium attendance, how many of you were offered or had tickets to last Sunday's game but didn't go?