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Sorting Out the Draft Order

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Team W L Week 16 Opp. Week 17 Opp. Proj. Record
Chicago Bears 5 9 Green Bay New Orleans 5-11
Cincinnati Bengals 5 9 Cleveland at Miami 6-10
Baltimore Ravens 4 10 at Seattle Pittsburgh 4-12
Kansas City Chiefs 4 10 at Detroit at NY Jets 5-11
Oakland Raiders 4 10 at Jacksonville San Diego 4-12
San Francisco 49ers 4 10 Tampa Bay at Cleveland 4-12
Atlanta Falcons 3 11 at Arizona Seattle 3-13
New York Jets 3 11 at Tennessee Kansas City 4-12
St. Louis Rams 3 11 Pittsburgh at Arizona 4-12
Miami Dolphins 1 13 at NE Cincinnati 1-15

Above are the top ten worst teams in the league. I've gone ahead and predicted their records for the year, so we can see where the Chiefs may end up in the 2008 draft.

I have the Chiefs splitting the last two games and ending the season at 5-11. By my prediction, that puts us at the 8th draft spot. The teams picking before the Chiefs are the Dolphins, Rams, Jets, Falcons, 49ers and the Raiders.

Your thoughts on where the Chiefs end up drafting in 2008?