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More Whispers and Rumors

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Here is a juicy one, even if it is only a couple lines.

Speaking of Kansas City, there is growing speculation that coach Herman Edwards may be fired. The Chiefs are anemic on offense and the team's brass may look for an offensive-minded coach. To Edwards' credit, the Chiefs have shown some defensive improvement and his players appear to like working for him. ...
What does "growing speculation" mean? I have no idea. I can't imagine Herm Edwards not getting another year though. Dick Vermeil really did leave this team with a bare cupboard which should entitle Herm Edwards to at least a third year.

Carl Peterson did let Gunther Cunningham go after only two seasons as the Chiefs head coach so it not like this move would totally unprecedented.

Now if Herm Edwards has another below average season next year, I can see him gone after 2008. But we'll wait to have that conversation.