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The Tennesee Titans, At a Glance

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Titans Total Offense Chiefs
19.2 Points/Game 13.8
310.1 Yards/Game 269
85/659 Penalties/Yards 79/528
28 Takeaways 21
245 First Downs 199
40.1 (71/177) 3rd Downs 32.4 (60/185)
18.2 (2/11) 4th Downs 71.4 (10/14)
22 Touchdowns 17
0/0 2 Pt. Conv. 50.0 (1/2)
249 Total Points 179

The Tennessee Titans excel in the running game, with LenDale White leading the league's 4th ranked rushing offense. White averages 18.5 carries and 67 yards per game. That's in addition to RB Chris Brown and QB Vince Young carrying the ball a bit less than ten times a piece each game. The Titans as a team average 133.5 rushing yards a game, with rushing stats reminiscent of the Chiefs in the mid-1990s.

2007 has not been a kind year to Vince Young. He is completing 62% of his passes but only for a 6.4 yard average per pass. His 66.9 quarterback rating is hampered by sixteen interceptions and only seven touchdowns this year.

Young's biggest target this year is a name that may be familiar to a lot of you, Justin Gage. Gage, a former University of Missouri standout, has caught 42 passes for 553 yards this season. The Titans do a good job of spreading the ball around despite their 27th ranked passing offense. TE Bo Scaife has also hauled in 42 catches this year. Third year player Roydell Williams has caught 41 passes for 512 yards and two touchdowns.

Tossing aside the hype that surrounds Vince Young, he'll more than likely not be a big factor in this game. Young has passed for under 200 yards eight times this season and under 100 yards twice. His best quarterback rating of the year came against the Houston Texans two weeks ago, where he was 21/31 passing for 248 yards. Young also threw two touchdowns and one interception in that game while rushing for 44 yards on eight attempts. He doesn't appear, at least at this point, to be much of an NFL quarterback.

The Titans are in the lower third of the league in total yards, points and passing yards.

Titans Total Defense Chiefs
549 Tackles 571
155 Assists 114
32 Sacks 31
190 Sack Yards 211
18 Interceptions 13
347 Interception Yards 140
2 Interception TDs 0
66 Passes Defensed 70
0 Forced Fum./Rec 13/9
0 Fumble TDs 1
2 Defensive TDs 1

Far and away the strength of this Titan team and the reason they'll still vying for a playoff spot is their defense. Tennessee is ranked 6th overall in total defense; 11th in points allowed; 6th in yards allowed; and 8th in passing yards allowed each game.

The difference maker on this Titan's defense is DT Albert Haynesworth. His spectacular 2007 campaign has almost erased the memory of last year's five game suspension for stopping on helmet-less Dallas Cowboys center Andre Gurod.

The Titans were 6-2 before Haynesworth went down with a hamstring injury. The Titans lost the next three games Haynesworth sat out, giving up 24, 34 and 35 points in those contests.

I'm looking at those defensive stats and I'm wondering how in the hell a team can play thirteen games and not force a fumble? Its amazing, considering the strength of this team is its defense.


The Chiefs should expect a heavy dose of LenDale White, considering the Chiefs rush defense woes. The Chiefs more than likely won't be able to run the ball but I don't expect much from that part of our offense anymore. Even if the Chiefs were playing one of the league's worst rushing defenses...oh wait. We already did that. Last week. And we rushed for sixteen yards. Never mind. I don't know where I was going with that.

Hope for some turnovers, Chiefs fans. Because thats the only way we're beating the Titans.