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Morning Update (Quiz Edition)

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  • Led Zeppelin and the Chiefs? Read it at Arrowhead Addict.

  • Falcons coach Bobby Petrino phoned in his resignation yesterday.

  • Shawne Merriman is out this weekend against the Detroit Lions.

  • Stale is one way of describing the Chiefs this year.

  • No worries Chiefs fans. Carl Peterson says he has things under control. And that he would step down if it was best for the organization.

  • If you ever get worked up about a comment made on here, just know that it could be so much worse.
Quiz this morning. Without looking, what season is this newspaper quote from? Shouldn't be too tough.
Launching the season with 12 new starters and a different defensive scheme, the Kansas City Chiefs looked more like a long-term project than a contender for the Super Bowl. Weakening their chances even further, injuries robbed them of their quarterback for six games and their best defensive player, around whom the new scheme was built, for 5 1/2 games.

Yet, they stand at 13-3 entering the National Football League playoffs. They own the best record in the AFC and home-field advantage.

Rebuilding does not necessarily mean losing. We're not necessarily looking down the pike at three or four losing seasons. I'm not saying next year we'll go 13-3 but the above quote is good for some perspective. Great coaches make bad teams good. I'm not saying Herm Edwards is great or terrible. The jury is still out in my opinion. I can't praise or condemn his coaching tenure without seeing more of his body of work in KC. Now, if we're six or seven games into the '08 campaign and this same crap is still going on, i.e. ineffective offense, inability to adapt, I'm going to be pissed off.

Thanks to everyone for picking up the slack last night with the great diaries. My internet is down from this damn ice "storm" in Kansas City and probably will be for at least another day. Judging by the site traffic, it will be just us hard core regulars for a while. Since last week's loss, interest in the Chiefs has dropped significantly.

No worries. AP is dedicated to pumping out the best (most of the time) and interesting (well its hit or miss) Chiefs content on the web. Bored at work? Head on over here and start a diary.