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Morning Update (Playing Dirty Edition)

  • In case you missed it, Michael Vick has been sentenced to 23 months in prison. And a lifetime of guilt.

  • Here's a mock draft list we could be interested in -- Best of the Best: Fullbacks.

  • Those Broncos, staying out late the night before a game.

  • I'm sure we'll see Larry Johnson on more lists like this as next year approaches.

  • Oh the irony of Shawne Merriman accusing others of playing dirty. But but...I only tested positive once!

  • The Chiefs aren't worried about a blackout this weekend.

  • LJ is out this weekend. Donnie Edwards and Damion McIntosh are likely to play and Tyron Brackenridge (knee) and Kyle Turley are not likely to play.
The great ice storm that wasn't. If you're reading this outside of Kansas City, and most of you are, most of the metro area dodged a big ice storm overnight. Few things are worse as a kid than going to sleep expecting a day off of school and not getting it. Except KC area kids are lucky. The school districts canceled school yesterday. Hopefully next time those weather reports will get caught by my irrelevance filter.

Did anyone at all watch last night's Monday Night Football contest? The Falcons got whomped by the Saints 34 to 13. Question for you on this icy, cold morning. Tougher to be a Chiefs fan this year or a Falcons fan?

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