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Looking Back at the Record Predictions

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Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Back on April 16th, I predicted, quite cautiously I might add, that the Chiefs would end up 10-6 on the year. At the end of June, I predicted the same thing.

After three pre-season games, I flipped my prediction to 6-10.

Finally, with nine games remaining, I made these bold predictions.

  • Green Bay: W
  • Denver: W
  • @ Indy: L
  • Oakland: W
  • San Diego: L
  • @ Denver: L
  • Tennessee: W
  • @ Detroit: L
  • @ NY Jets: W
That would have kept us at 9-7 and still more than likely out of the playoffs. Do I even need to mention that our current six game slide began against Green Bay? Its as if the Chiefs never recovered from that Favre to Jennings bomb with 3:05 left in the game that put the Packers on top for good. From then on its been, as a good friend of my would say, a shit show.

We've got three games left. Here's what we're looking at.

Tennessee: The Titans aren't unlike the Chiefs, except they can actually run the ball. And their defense is better. Ranked 4th in the league in rushing yards per game (133.5), the rest of their offense ranks with the lower ten in the NFL. What the Titans can brag about is DT Albert Haynesworth and a 6th ranked defense.

My prediction on game day will always include the Chiefs winning (Karma baby!) but for now I have to choose an inconsistent Titans team over our terrible Chiefs team. We barely smell the end zone again -- 20 to 7, Titans.

@ Detroit: Everyone laughed when I predicted a Chiefs' loss to the Lions back in early November. Unfortunately, I'm not happy to be making the same prediction. The Lions have a flat-out terrible defense, ranking 30th in points allowed; 31st in yards allowed; and 31st in passing yards allowed. Their offense is middle of the road and they have the same rushing issues as the Chiefs. The Lions have lost five in a row themselves and travel to San Diego next week.

We actually match up well with the Lions but that doesn't mean our offensive line will play better. 17 to 10, Lions win.

@ NY Jets: The Chiefs finally meet their match. A win in New Jersey leaves Chiefs fan with a smidgen of hope and momentum for '08, however small it may be. The Jets rank towards the bottom of the league in every major offensive category and its the same on the defensive side of the ball except for an 11th ranked passing defense.

We've got ourselves a game we can win. 13 to 7, Chiefs.

With those predictions, the Chiefs end the 2007 season 5-11, one game off of my final pre-season prediction of 6-10. That's definitely a top ten draft pick.

Your thoughts?