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The Chiefs and the National Power Rankings

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ESPN #15 Last week #11

The Chiefs may not have Larry Johnson anytime soon, meaning Priest Holmes is the main weapon in the backfield. But the players know not to expect the Priest of old. Rookie Kolby Smith, who has yet carry the ball, will need to step up.
CBS #14 Last week #11
Their offense is so restricted by their bad line. They can't get the ball down the field. Even so, they are tied for first place. Wow.
Fox Sports #13 Last week #10
The negative part of Sunday's 33-22 loss to the Packers? The Chiefs fell to 4-4 on the year. The positive? They remain in first place in the muddled AFC West. Brett Favre got his first win of his career over the Chiefs, as the future Hall of Famer had a series of clutch passes down the stretch in a game that was far closer than the final score indicated. The Chiefs took a 22-16 lead with 5:18 left, only to give up the final 17 points of the contest. Kansas City looks to get back on track with a meeting against the struggling Broncos on Sunday.
This is probably about where the Chiefs will remain for the rest of the year. Does middle of the road sound familiar Chiefs fans?