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Drive Charts: Kansas City Chiefs

Average starting field position: 19 yard line (Last week: 32 yard line)

Average number of plays per drive: 5.7 (Last week: 5)

Average net yards gained per drive: 26.1 (Last week: 55)

Average drive time: 2:20 (Last week: 2:30 minutes)

Longest drive: 70 yards (Last week: 77 yards)

In the first half this season, the Chiefs haven't had a terrible run of field position. Their average starting field position in the first half is the 27 yard line. Last week though, the Chiefs were unable to begin a drive in their opponent's territory. This season, the Chiefs have scored twelve times on offense. Five of those scores came on drives that started within the opponent's 50 yard line. Nearly half of our scores are the direct result of great field position. When you don't have turnovers, when you don't play well on special teams, your field position suffers. I have a feeling I'll be saying this a lot the rest of the season. The Chiefs were unable to score because their weak offense needed a short field and the defense wasn't able to give it to them.

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