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Chiefs Embarrassed by the Jacksonville Jaguars

The diaries are already streaming in. Make sure you check them out too.

Stats are here.

No turnovers by the defense resulted in the Chiefs being pretty much routed by the Jacksonville Jaguars 17 to 7. The Chiefs lone TD came in garbage time when Brodie Croyle hit Samie Parker in the end zone with no time left.

This offensive line cannot do anything for Larry Johnson and the Chiefs running game. Larry was engulfed each time he touched the ball. Problems...everywhere...

The defense played pretty well but were unable to stop the Jaguars in the first half on 3rd down. That resulted in long, drawn out drives from the Jaguars offense that eventually wore the Chiefs' defense down.

Chiefs fans, we have major issues on offense. Last week was a short vacation from our problems. Leave your post game thoughts here.

At least we had a great game thread. Other than that, not much to cheer about. Unless you really want to look deep into that last pass by Brodie Croyle. Herm does have a decision to make, yet again. Huard simply is not cutting it.

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