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Friday Morning Update (Denver Dope Edition)

Man. Travis Henry. There are people that stupid in the world. Sometimes you need someone like Henry to remind you of that fact. Good for the Chiefs. Bad for Henry's nine children (and nine different mothers of his children). Bronco fans are already high on undrafted RB Selvin Young, who oddly enough was born on October 1st. That's the same day that Henry's 2 year slate was to be wiped clean for his previous drug offenses.

Bronco fans can get as excited as they want over Selvin Young and their "system" for producing a quality running game. Whether they want to believe it or not, their season just took a huge blow. The Broncos were already teetering on the brink of a disastrous season and Henry's possible suspension will only fuel that decline.

Travis Henry is a great example of why its so risky to take chances on players who are only one positive test away from a huge suspension. This is why not signing Jared Allen to a long term contract over the off season was the right thing to do. I love Jared Allen. He's one of the best players the Chiefs have had in recent memory. But he repeatedly showed bad judgment like Henry did. I think Jared has cleaned up his act but he's still one bad decision away from being out of football for a year. He's still a risk until his window closes and the NFL wipes his slate clean.

Afroman's song "Because I got high" really is a joke goldmine, isn't it? I'm on overload here.

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