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Jaguars Fans Don't Get this Excited Anymore

The year was 1997. It was the Jaguar's third year as an NFL franchise. They went 11-5 that year before getting demolished by the Denver Broncos 42-17 in the AFC wild card playoff game. I know this is a clip of our opponent's fans cheering but it still strikes me as funny. Especially the video description, which reads "In 1997, we might have been just a little too excited about the Jacksonville Jaguars." Judging by the recent stadium attendance in Jacksonville, its a good guess that most of the fans in this video aren't around anymore. There's just something unnatural about screaming "Go Jacksonville!" at the top of your lungs into a video camera.

If you feel like ragging on the Jaguars even more, head over to Arrowhead Addict for the The Top Ten Reasons Why the Jacksonville Jaguars are Losers.

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