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Chiefs Avoid Blackout; Rams Not So Lucky

Thanks to the loyalty of Chiefs fans (and at least one call for tickets to one of KC's largest corporations), the Chiefs have avoided a television blackout for this weekend's game. Not that a blackout was ever close to a reality. The Rams however...not so much.

If there were 2,000 tickets remaining, the Rams would seek corporate support to buy any unsold tickets. But 3,500 was just too big a number to go to the corporate well once again, according to Wallace.

Team sources said wide receiver Isaac Bruce was willing to buy some of the remaining tickets to help ensure a sellout. But again, 3,500 is a big number.

I've given you anecdotal proof before of how lackadaisical Ram's fans are. Now we have empirical proof. St. Louis sports really went to shit pretty quickly this year, didn't they? For a little extra, enjoy this thread about Ram's fans wondering why they can't put anyone in the seats.

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