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Hank Stram Liked to Run Up the Score Too

Dr. Z relayed a story to us that Lenny Dawson told about former Chiefs coach Hank Stram. If you don't know who Hank Stram is, please click the x in the right corner of your browser and never come back.

"We were playing, I think it was Buffalo, my first year under Hank Stram," said the Chiefs' Hall of Fame quarterback, Len Dawson. "Now Henry was a guy who loved running up the score. We had 34 points late in the fourth quarter and we were calling time outs and still trying to score more. The Bills had a plane they were trying to catch back home, and we're slowing the game and trying to humiliate them.

"I mean they were really pissed. They were yelling across the line at me, 'Hey Dawson, we'll see you at our place. We won't forget this, Dawson.'

"I told Henry, 'It's enough. We have to play these guys again.' He said, 'Nah, we're gonna score all we can.' Sure enough, when we played them up there, they had smoke coming out of their noses. They beat us and I got hurt in the game. Ribs or something."

I, for one, have absolutely no problem with the Patriots "running up the score". This is football. Your objective is to score and if possible to score touchdowns. The Patriots do this very well.

If their opponents don't like it, here's some advice: Play harder.

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