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Morning Update (Joe Kane Edition)

  • SMQ muses on why he prefers college football over the NFL.

  • Another day, another NFL player going to jail.

  • Chiefs Blitz has their game plan for Jacksonville up. Its pretty much what you're going to see this weekend although I wouldn't pick the score to be that high.

  • The Baltimore Sun's blog puts the Chiefs at #16 in their power rankings and says they had the most impressive performance last week. We'll take the credit where we can get it.

  • Need an in depth Chiefs-Jags primer? Desmond Bailey from Wild Bill's Chiefs has got you covered. Impressive stuff as usual from Desmond.

  • The NHL season starts soon or has started or something. Go...Blades?

  • Ricky Williams has applied for reinstatement to the NFL. He'll screw up again but I still think the guy could come into the league and be one of the top RBs.

  • The Big Lead has a list of the five actors who have done the best job portraying a football player in a movie. No Joe Kane?
I'll have a power rankings post out in just a bit but for a moment let's talk about TBL's football-actor list. Steve Lattimer was a freakin' beast in The Program and certainly looked like a football player. Who wasn't afraid of Spike from Little Giants? In his first scene, he was carrying a refrigerator for god's sake.

The Big Lead puts Kathy Ireland from Necessary Roughness at no. 3 in their list. They obviously overlooked Sinbad's performance in that movie. Teacher turned football player because he has a year of eligibility left? I'll take it!

Thoughts on your favorite football playing actors/actresses?

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