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The Last Two Weeks By the Numbers

MN and SD Games Only First Half Second Half
Total rushes 29 30
Total passes 23 35
Runs on 1st down 12 19
Passes on 1st down 10 7
Rushing yards 64 109
Passing yards 133 357
Total yards 180 461
Total points 9 34

In case you needed statistical validation that the Kansas City Chiefs were a second half team, here it is. I found it interesting that the Chiefs have run more on first down in the second half than in the first half. One theory for the increase in passing stats in the second half could certainly be that the rushes early in those second half series kept our opponents from dropping more defensive players into coverage.

Also, our first half tendency to run the ball rather than pass it almost certainly had teams thinking run first when the second half started. It appears that no matter what, teams are going to stack the box against Larry Johnson and make Huard beat them through the air. And he has beaten them through the air the last two games.

The question is, how long before teams take the Chiefs passing game seriously and game plan around it? It could happen this week with the possible return of Eddie Kennison. Don't think our passing game is a gravy train that will run all year. We'll be effective but part of that effectiveness right now is the fact that teams have been concentrating on stopping LJ. If we're able to effectively pass the ball over the next few games, defenses may get to the point where they will have to pick their poison.

If our offense develops to that point, I'll shake my head and smile in disbelief at these 2007 Chiefs. Frankly, nothing really surprises me at this point in the season.

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