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Power Ranking the Kansas City Chiefs Players

I'm not a huge fan of power rankings, mostly because they're meaningless, but this should be good fodder for an interesting conversation. I'm ranking these players based on their skills relative to other players at their position throughout the NFL and their contributions to the Chiefs team. In simpler terms, what players are having the best season. Roll with me on this and it will make sense.

#10 -- Larry Johnson

Even though LJ has struggled so far this season, I have to put him on this list because of his penchant for playing better in the second half of the season and for overall rushing skill.

#9 -- Alfonso Boone

A nice surprise on what I thought would be a rag tag defensive line.

#8 -- Nap Harris

Third on the team in tackles to go with one pick this season.

#7 -- Brian Waters

The lone bright spot on a pathetic unit and the team's current leader.

#6 -- Dwayne Bowe

Where would we be without Dwayne Bowe? He's a superstar rookie who has a third of our offensive touchdowns this season.

#5 -- Derrick Johnson

Fast, agile and a sure tackler.

#4 -- Donnie Edwards

The old man still has it. He makes watching football fun.

#3 -- Jared Allen

Been over this. Defensive MVP.

#2 -- Tony Gonzalez

Arguably the number one tight end in the league, even after Antonio Gates' great day yesterday.

#1 -- Dustin Colquitt

He never makes mistakes and is the most consistent player the Chiefs have had in years. He out punted Shane Lechler in week seven, who is probably the league's best punter.

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