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Kansas City Chiefs Stat Day

A whole smattering of stats for you to draw whatever conclusions you'd like from.

Total Number of Offensive Yards: 2056

Larry Johnson: 32% of our offense (650 total yards)
Tony Gonzalez: 25% of our offense (506 yards receiving)
Dwayne Bowe: 24% of our offense (499 yards receiving)
Jeff Webb, Samie Parker and Kris Wilson: 19% of our offense (397 yard receiving)

Tom Brady is on pace this season to nearly equal Damon Huard's career passing yards.

Larry Johnson is on pace to have a career high in receptions.

Damon Huard's 2007 completion percentage jumps more than than ten points in the second half of games.

Seven out of Jared Allen's eight sacks have come in the first half.

59% of the Chiefs series result in a first down or a touchdown. That's good for 31st in the league.

The Chiefs currently have a 41% chance of making any playoff spot.

With 62 more receiving yards this season, Dwayne Bowe will have surpassed Samie Parker's best career season.

If Kris Wilson gets 28 more yards receiving this season, he'll have a career high himself.

The Chiefs had 105 first downs rushing last season. So far this season, we have 25. We had 310 total first downs last season. So far this season, we have 106.

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