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Morning Update (Supernatural Edition)

  • Adam has a brilliant piece at Epic Carnival equating each NFL team with what movie best describes them at the midway point of the season. Read it. You'll be entertained.

  • Bored? Browse the booking and release report for Johnson County, KS. I do it everday looking for Chiefs players. Seriously. They even have mugshots and its updated instantaneously. Who knows? You may see someone you know.

  • Offensive coordinator Mike Solari is using the bye week to improve the Chiefs' performance on first down. That's great. I'm glad we don't have an offensive coordinator that thinks of things like that before the season starts. That would be too easy. By the way, Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star is one of the few writers out there who gets that just because Larry Johnson has a 100 yard rushing game, that doesn't mean the running game is effective. I may start filming daily video blogs in my mom's basement just to be like Adam Teicher.

  • If the Chargers decide they want to play in San Diego this weekend, Qualcomm Stadium is open for them.

  • In case you haven't seen this stat that's been flying around, the only team that Brett Favre has not beaten is the Chiefs.

  • Get this. About 1/3 of people believe in ghosts. I know this is a sports blog but since its the bye week, I would not mind getting into a debate on this. 1/3? You have to be kidding me. Ghosts are the product of bored human minds.
Well, I had a list of the top five surprises of the year so far for the Chiefs but I left the text file on another computer. Last night, I was only able to come up with three good surprises for the Chiefs in 2007 and drew a blank on two more. So much for that. Defensive grades will be up sometime later today.

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