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Top Five Disappointments So Far for the Kansas City Chiefs

I'm foregoing the preview of the other AFC West games this weekend to steal an idea from Adam Teicher's video blog. Without further ado...

#5 Justin Medlock

Ah, yes. Justin Medlock. Everyone's favorite California kicker. Right now, Justin Medlock is chilling in Cali according to his Facebook profile. But, just a few months ago, Medlock was potentially the Chiefs kicker for an indefinite period of time. The job was his to lose. And boy did he lose it. We drafted him with a high draft pick for a kicker and now we can add him to the long list of KC busts in the draft. Normally, if you do take a kicker in the draft, you draft him and forget about looking for anyone else. I'm not missing Medlock at all.

The blow of losing Medlock turned out to be not really painful at all with the addition of Dave Rayner. Even though Rayner has missed a couple of kicks, he is head and shoulders above the moronic Medlock.

#4 Eddie Drummond

Yes, I know we were spoiled with Dante Hall all of those years. But that doesn't mean that Eddie Drummond isn't horrible. Like Michael Bennett, Drummond is still living off of one Pro Bowl season, which he had in 2004 with the Lions. Drummond ranks 66th this year in average yards per kick return but thats ranking him with anyone who has taken at least one kick return. Even when you rank Drummond with kick returners who have at least fifteen returns, his return yard average is still second worst (out of twenty kick returners).

This offense needs a short field to work with and I, like many people, expected Drummond to be at least adequate. Alas, he isn't and fans are looking to the waiver wire to snag someone, anyone else.

#3 Brodie Croyle

This isn't number one but it may hurt the most. Brodie Croyle was expected to beat our Damon Huard for the starting quarterback position throughout the off season. Trent Green wanted out of Kansas City partly because he thought the quarterback situation unfairly tilted towards Croyle. But, Brodie could not put together enough good series and games to surpass the veteran QB on the depth chart.

Is he the quarterback of the future? Can Brodie Croyle start in the NFL? I was hoping to get these questions at least partially answered by now but because of Croyle's disappointing preseason, we'll have to wait.

#2 Larry Johnson

Every Chiefs fan had major expectations for Larry Johnson. Gaining over 4000 yards rushing in the last 28 games played will do that. Through seven games, LJ is on pace for right around a respectable 1200 yards rushing this season. For many though, this season is already a disappointment no matter what for Larry Johnson.

#1 The Offensive Line

Each year after 2003, I thought to myself, "This next year may be it for our great offensive line." Well, we held on through 2006 and hit a wall in 2007. To go from having one of the greatest offensive lines of all-time to what we have now is truly disappointing.

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