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Damon Huard's Durability

While there was plenty of talk about Larry Johnson not being able to recover from his monster 2006 season of 416 carries, there was no talk about the Chiefs 34-year old starting quarterback being able to start sixteen games. And rightfully so. Logic told us that Damon Huard, a backup for entire career until last season, had little to no wear and tear on him and therefore was less prone to injury. He may be on the old side of NFL quarterbacks but he hadn't taken years of sacks, QB pressures and other hits that starting quarterbacks have taken.

When the Chiefs come back after the bye week to take on the Green Bay Packers at Arrowhead, Damon Huard will start his eighth game of the year. For those keeping track, Huard started eight games last year for the Chiefs and only started six games in his entire career before that. Week 10 will mark the longest string of consecutive starts for Huard in his career.

After the Green Bay game, we're marching into unknown territory with Damon Huard's durability. He has already taken more sacks this year than he did all of last season. As far as "wear and tear" goes, Huard is essentially at the same point as he was when he stopped playing in 2006. In fact, you could probably argue that he is worse off body-wise this year than last.

I read about Huard's nagging calf injury during the preseason and thought, "Aging quarterback." As I read about his recovery time now from a sore shoulder suffered during the Jacksonville Jaguar game, I think "Aging quarterback."

Huard, despite not having years of wear and tear on him, is recovering like a 34-year old quarterback that has been starting for years. How much is this affecting his game? I really don't know. I don't know what muscle movements hurt him and which don't. But I do think its worth discussing Huard's durability as he continues the longest stretch of consecutive starts in his career.

For the record, I do think that Huard's durability will be an issue this season. The nicks will add up, just like they do for every veteran quarterback, career backup or not.


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