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Morning Update (To Live and Die in Oakland Edition)

  • I'm sure you've seen this by now but you really should be armed if you're headed to a Raider game.

  • Well, my fantasy season has gone down the drain. Ronnie Brown is out for the year.

  • Per KFFL, Eddie Kennison should start practicing next week but isn't expected back even after the bye week. Also, special teams guy Johnny Baldwin is also unlikely to return after the bye.

  • Life sucks if you're a Dolphin fan.

  • Today's NFL owners meeting should be pretty interesting.
Man, you only do one post on a Monday and suddenly you feel like you're completely out of the loop. Actually, I feel like I missed a day in grade school. You know that feeling? Everything seems so foreign when you come back after missing a day of school when you're that young. Even your friends are different for a day.

Enough rambling. Drive charts and stats will be served shortly.

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