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Drive Charts: Kansas City Chiefs

Average starting field position: 32 yard line (Last week: 25 yard line)

Average number of plays per drive: 5 (Last week: 6.3)

Average net yards gained per drive: 55 (Last week: 22.6)

Average drive time: 2:30 (Last week: 3:10 minutes)

Longest drive: 77 yards (Last week: 84 yards)

Just look at how turnovers affect these averages. Four turnovers this week, all of which put the Chiefs in San Diego territory. The Chiefs still have a tough time in the first half and the first quarter especially. Here's how the Chiefs offensive scoring breaks down by quarter:

1st Q: 0
2nd Q: 16
3rd Q: 19
4th Q: 14

Half time adjustments or is rushing the ball setting up the pass? Or a little bit of both? I'll have to delve further into the stats to figure that one out. More than likely its a little bit of both.

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