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Checking in On the AFC West

Kansas City 2 2 56 66 Won 2
Oakland 2 2 102 100 Won 2
Denver 2 2 72 95 Lost 2
San Diego 1 3 68 102 Lost 3

The Broncos

Denver had the unfortunate task of trying to take down the defending Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts this past week. The Broncos committed two turnovers and gave up three passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown to lose 38 to 20. The Sports Guru gives us his take:

What is there to say after an 18-point loss, especially when you have 223 yards rushing and give up 226? I said all last week that I was not going to be devastated if we lost to the World Champs in their building, and I'm not. If that makes me something less of a fan than those of you out there getting ready to jump ship than I guess I am. I like to think it makes me more of a realist. Don't take this as not having confidence in the Broncos, or think that I didn't swear at the television with any less vigor with each yard Joseph Addai churned out. It's the knowledge that the two teams on the field yesterday are in two different places, and what we saw was a direct result of that.
Guru goes on to cite the absence of safety John Lynch, poor special teams play and an athletically challenged defense for the loss.

The Raiders

The Raiders, with Daunte Culpepper at the helm, ran all over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Culpepper alone accounted for all five Oakland touchdowns as he passed for two and ran for three. The Raiders had 299 yards rushing in a 35 to 17 win. You know something? The Raiders may not be half bad this year. Wait. Only 65 yards passing on Sunday? Nevermind. They will be that bad this year. saint fills us in:

Daunte being Daunte, high touchdown to turnover rates and third best running QB of All-Time performances, makes the defense play honestly against the deep ball/passing game in general and let's Tom Cable's offensive line, Zack Miller and Griffith open up holes big enough for Cable Cars to drive through them. Thus, the Cable Car Offense which is currently the #1 rushing attack in the NFL with a 194.2 yards rushing per game average. That is more than double the average from 2006 when the Raiders managed a meager 94.9 yards per game.
Oakland is a missed field goal away from being 3-1 but they're also another missed field goal away from being 1-3. One word to describe the Raiders this year- fiesty.

The Chargers

Not going to spend more time than we already have on the Chargers. Their team is in disarray. They have no heart. Nobody believes in their head coach. And they have one of the most fair weathered fan bases I've seen in a long time. Rob delivers the eulogy:

Taking care of he football was one of Marty Schottenheimer's biggest mantra. So far this year, the Chargers have seemed to forget about that mentality. Losing the football at the most inopportune times have killed the Chargers this year. Having opposing defenses score on you after you cough up the football is an almost guaranteed way to lose a game. The Patriots did it to the Chargers and the Chiefs did it to them as well. That took those team's point total up into the thirties, and with the way the Chargers' offense has been playing, scoring 30+ points seems to be too much to ask.
You have to love the NFL. Parity reigns and makes each week that much more exciting. The AFC West is up for grabs people. You have to like the Chiefs position right now, with six out of the next eight at home.

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