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Friday Morning Update (Best Darn Edition)

  • House of Georges has been busy recently so they've crammed this past week into one post. Plus, there are a lot of pictures of scantily (is that word ever used in any other context?) clad women.

  • A Raider fan has dropped by in the diary section. Please extend to him the same politeness he's extended to us.

  • I had no idea that Herm Edwards' son played football with Jeff Webb and indirectly led to Webb coming to the Chiefs.

  • Herm objects to the use of the word "damn" so much that the producers of the show bearing that familiar name have changed the title of the show, specifically for Herm. He will now appear on the "Best Darn Sports Show Period".

  • The Broncos are hurting.

  • The Chiefs worked out DE Quentin Moses, a third round pick by the Raiders in this year's draft. The Star's web guy must have fallen down a rabbit hole because that picture of Priest Holmes is very disproportionate. UPDATE: MDS has a good write up on Moses at the FanHouse.

  • The Patriots received 13,000 names from ticket seller Stub Hub so they can seek out those who sold their tickets for more than the $2 service charge the state allows.
Glad its Friday. I don't have much to say in this spot this morning so enjoy the links, drink your coffee and keep the conversation flowing.

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